Monday, June 20, 2011

Who put a spider in my salad??

I was just washing some veggies from my CSA, (fyi: the longer you wait to wash produce, the longer it lasts!) and I found a new little 'friend.' By friend, I mean a spider that made me jump out of my skin. I can usually handle spiders (and rodents or bugs - except cockroaches) with grace, but this was a bit ridiculous. There's something about black/yellow insects/snakes that rubs me the wrong way.. It's probably the result of all of those years of human evolution and watching others get killed by black and yellow things. Anyway, after it was secured in a fancy homemade, secure trap (read: large, flat fridge magnet under a heavy glass cup), it took me a long time to figure out whether it was poisonous or not (ie, do I kill it or take it outside.) Here's what I found online about my little friend:

Cobweb Spider - Theridion sp.

Rest assured it is not poisonous, the cat enjoyed cackling at it through tupperware, and it is now outside on a bush. If I die within the next 48 hours, then it was poisonous, and I cannot be trusted to identify spiders...

Moral of the story, don't eat your vegetables....

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